Q: Do I need a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to attend the show?
No → Anyone can attend the show and we encourage the whole family to come out we’ll have hunting, fishing and camping gear, plus other attractions. There is something for everyone.
Q: Are there any restrictions to buying a gun at the show?
Yes → For any Firearm you want to purchase you require a valid PAL.
Q: I have a couple of firearms I would like to sell. Can I bring them to the show to sell or trade?
Yes → We have tables for single day sellers, $50 for a full 8ft table, price includes show admission, subject to availability. If Selling Firearms – Please be sure each gun is unloaded and has an approved locking device and is in a case – take it to our gun check table at the show entrance for verification. They will clear it and give you your table pass. Valid PAL required.
Q: Do I need a PAL to sell guns at the show?
Yes → you need a PAL to be in possession of any firearm.
Q: What else is going to be at the show?
 → There will be a variety of vendors who sell hunting/fishing/camping related items, as well as hunting and fishing related home decor and specialty items. We are encouraging those wishing to sell their boats, quads, campers and everything in between to be a part of the show. The show will have something for everyone.

Q: I don’t have a table or booth but I have a firearm(s) I would like to sell. Can I bring it/them to the show.
Yes → Last year we had many visitors to the show come with unwanted firearms to sell and they were very successful. We do require you to go to the Show Barn upon arrival ——–

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